Friday, 8 March 2013

Romantic layout

 photo 35ab3000-664b-4275-ad34-eb5dab139352.jpg
Layout created using Grace Taylor Vintage Romance Papers
Pge mated onto boarder and messy double stitched using a machine. The mat behind the photo was also stitched. Details were cut from the paper pack with bird cage being backed onto chipboard to make into an embellishment. Flowers were standard paper roses from local craft store. The lace was applied in 2 strips with blue velvet ribbon covering join.
 photo 6ff0a8e1-245e-4913-93b2-bcc988c141f8.jpg
Corner detail was made by cutting leaf detail lace into individual petals, roses added on top, with definitions cut from K&Co Lifes Journey paper, and the peg was from diy store Wilkinsons

Monday, 18 February 2013

Trade show 2013

Just been to the NEc trade show, and buzzing with new ideas and business expansions. There are so many great new suppliers and products on the market, i just cant help myself but to get involved in it all. So look out soon for my new tutorials, links and online supplies

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Felt Food Tips

Heres a list of tips i discovered while making my felt food, ill keep adding to it as I discover more and hope this helps others too
*Templates- these are easy to create on plain paper by drawing or printing from computer
*Foam Fillers- I use foam offcut pieces as these are cheaper than predone shapes. Simply drawn on size required, and cut out using a bread knife. Any rough edges can be trimmed with scissors, and any gaps filled with wadding
*Stitching- I generally use a straight stitch for details or inner stitching. Outside edges I use a whip stitch. Im not very good at sewing but any unevenness is usually unnoticeable, and adds to handmade charm
*Felt- check the thickness of your felt as loose weave felt will not hold stitches or stand up to playtime
*Thread- I use embroidery thread divided down into 2 strands, this gives strength and colour range to make with your felt

Tortilla Wrap

This is my version of a tortilla wrap, it has wire inside so it can be folded. Vegetables, salad etc can be added into it to make whatever wrap you want
Templates 6 inch circle and 5.5 inch circle
Cream felt
Cream embroidery thread
Coated wire
Insulation tape
scisscors, pencil, needle and pins
1)cut out two 6 inch circles from cream felt
2)tack together with pins around outer edge
3)draw a 5.5 inch circle and straight stitch along this joining pieces together
4)remove pins
5)place wire inside outer flap
6)secure wire into place by whip stitching around outer edge
7)before finishing stitching, trim any excess wire and join together using instulation tape
8)finishing stitching edge to encase remaining wire section
9)losely fold to form tortilla wrap shape

Cherry Lattice Pie

My first piece of felt food. The original idea and tutorial came from American Felt and Craft
but i made it simpler for a 6 inch pie cut into quarters.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Felt Play Food

For my sons 3rd Birthday I have brought him a play kitchen, but was surprised at the price and quality of the play food. I saw a few interactive pieces like a pizza you could cut up as the parts are Velcro together, but these are often plastic, which didn't look very appealing. Others like wooden were better but very expensive. So while browsing internet I happened to find felt food which looked great, along with a few tutorials. So I wrote a list of what sort of foods I wanted, the colours of felt needed and off I went 1 bag of off cut wadding, sheets of felt, pack of embroidery threads, and some foam pieces all for around £10. Now lets see what I can make with them.....

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pudsey Finger Puppets

these were made for Children in Need day

Pudsey images (cut out)
strips of card
sticky tape
Decorations such as sequinns, glue, googly eyes

1)Child can colour and decorate image
2)Roll a strip of card around your thumb, and tape together
3)Tape onto back of image, and theres your finger puppet

Diawali Lanterns

A4 Coloured Card (precut as instructed)
printed rangoli patterns about 2" narrower in width than card
Double sided tape
Hole punch

1) fold colored card in half length way, draw a line about 1" from top. Cut verticle slits from fold to the line drawn about 1" apart. Open up and this forms your lantern
2) allow child to decorate rangoli patterns
3) adhere double sided tape to top and bottom lengths of pattern paper
4) attach lantern top to pattern, allow lantern to dome out along fold and attach bottom part to pattern
5)using hole punch make holes on either side of the top of the lantern and thread string through to form a handle

i found patterns by doing an internet image search, simple patterns work best
lanterns can also be decorated to add sparkle